Monday, November 3, 2008

ပန္းတပြင့္ ေၾကြ သြားျပန္ျပီ။

Ko Myo Aung Thant passed away in Myit Gyi Nar prison 2008- LRN Demands Release of Burmese Unionists

Burma's military regime—months after the brutal crackdown against monks and workers seeking democracy—continues to imprison Myo Aung Thant, a prominent Burmese union leader.
"We strongly urge Burma to free Myo Aung Thant, who has been tortured and held in a tiny cell with no bed," Labor Rights Now President Don Stillman said. Arrested in June 1997, Myo Aung Thant got a 20-year prison sentence because of his union activity for the Federation of Trade Unions-Burma (FTUB).

Labor Rights Now has run a seven-year campaign seeking his freedom from Myitkina prison, where he's being held in solitary confinement.

"We hope the United Nations will press Burma's military rulers to free Myo Aung Thant and the other jailed worker activists," Stillman said. "Labor Rights Now also joins the global labor community in condemning the killings of monks and others in last fall's brutal and violent crackdown in Burma."

Myo Aung Thant suffered severe torture after his arrest, followed by a secret trial and more beatings. He had no access to any independent counsel or to due process—his only "crime" was to be a union leader.

He's been held in Myitkina prison in Kachin state in Burma's far north, where temperatures in the cells are often below freezing.

Labor Rights Now has produced a poster calling for the release of Myo Aung Thant and all imprisoned Burmese labor leaders. Order your copy today.

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